Parable of Opportunities :

“There was once an old man who lived alone near a lake. One day as he was watching the news he heard the weather forecast and found out that his area was predicted to have a heavy dose of rainfall and flooding over the following days. The weatherman advised the population to seek shelter, as conditions were expected to become extremely dangerous for the people living in that area.  The old man, being a man of faith, began to pray and asked God for his protection from the flooding. He set a vision in his head, and in this vision he saw god reaching out from heaven and lifting him to safety. Just as predicted by the weatherman, the rain started to fall and the water to rise. A few hours into the storm, the old man’s neighbor began to notice the unfavorable conditions and decided seek shelter. As the neighbor drove past the old man’s home he saw him standing by the door and offered him a ride to safety. “I will be fine,” said the old man. “I’m waiting for god to save me!” he shouted. After hearing this, the neighbor continued on his way.

The old man continued to pray and held on to his vision of god reaching out from heaven and taking him to safety. A day later, the water had risen so high that the old man had begun to swim in order to keep himself afloat inside his home. A man that passed by on a boat approached the old man’s house and saw him inside. “I’m so glad I came back to check!” the man on the boat said. “You probably would have drowned if I had not had the intuition to come back and check each home one last time,” he explained. “I will be fine,” said the old man. “There is nothing to worry about, I’m waiting for God to save me. Go on without worries,” he instructed the man on the boat. The man on the boat tried one last time to convince the man to hop on the boat and head to safety, but the old man declined. So he left.

The old man continued to pray and believed in his heart that at some point, God was going to reach out from heaven and take him to safety. A day later, the water had risen so high that the only way the old man could stay alive was by climbing onto the roof of his house. As he waited there on the roof with no one else around him, he heard a helicopter approaching in the distance. The men in the helicopter saw the old man standing alone on the roof of the house, so they hovered the helicopter over him and spoke to him through a megaphone. “We will throw down a ladder, make sure you climb it and we will take you to safety!” they said. “I will be fine!” yelled the old man, “I am waiting for God to save me!” he shouted as he waved the helicopter away. The men in the helicopter left. A few hours later, the water came over the roof and swept the old man away, drowning him in the process. 

When he reached heaven, the old man asked God in an angry tone, “God, why did you not save me? I believed in you with all my heart. Why did you let me drown?” God replied, “I sent you a pick-up truck, a boat and a helicopter and you refused them all.”

Many times we forget and we become like the man in the parable; we neglect opportunities because we like to wait for things to align perfectly, or for a miracle to happen right before our eyes.

Three things we learn from this parable

1 ) When opportunities comes to you , you should not ignore it . You should analyze it and if its good you should accept it immediately.

2 ) God helps us through another person.

3 ) Never blame God for your situation. God is not responsible for your situation. All your situations are created by you only. You can change your situation by taking right decision at the right moment.