LEarning Increases Earnings

To learn we need a certain degree of confidence, not too much and not too little. If we have too little we will think we can’t learn; If we have too much we will think we don’t have to learn.

If you don’t have time to learn new things then follow these steps :  write down all your activities, prioritize them, then remove those activities which are not adding any value in your life. Believe me you will have extra hours every day. 

If you think you don’t have enough money for personal development or you don’t want to spend money for learning, let me suggest you one thing , always spend 3% of your income for your personal development or any other training , if you do you will be able to earn more money in future and it will give you a great dividend.

If you think I am happy with whatever I already have, so why should I learn new things then let me suggest one thing . Better is very nice word. You can always try to have better life . You can have all the comforts of life what others are getting but for that you have to develop yourself. Also if you learn new things you will feel happier and more satisfied. 

If you think you are now old and you don’t need to learn any more then let me tell you one thing . You can not carry your money with you after death but you can carry all your learnings with you forever even after death.

Those who had spent time and money to learn till February 2020 they are not facing any challenges in this situation. Learner will inherit the earth , learner will be well equipped to fight against any situation that may arrive in future. 

I spent time and money to understand how to overcome sickness without medicine so now I am not afraid of the current situation. I believe there should not be any disease on this Earth. But it depends on everybody. So it is the responsibility of everybody to make this Earth disease free. I have started my mission to make this Earth free from disease and poverty . I know it is possible but we have to work together . Are you with me in this mission ? Then send Yes to SuSayanServices@gmail.com

In continuation to my previous post I am writing this. Nature does not create
Any disease . All diseases are created in human mind first then it’s created in the Nature. Current situation is also created because majority of the world population thought
about disease and sickness. Nature is the reflection of the
belief of the majority of the people on this Earth. Majority of
the people believe that it is natural to have sickness
sometime , it is natural to have disease on this Earth. But
if majority of the people would believe on the statement
“ There should not be any disease on this Earth “ or in other
way “ There is only Health “ then the current situation will
be improved. So if we can change the belief of majority of
the people then we can overcome the current situation.
This is the only permanent solution to overcome this kind
Of situation. Vaccine would protect us from current disease
but there would be another disease in future. But the solution
which I have written here are permanent . If we can work on
this area there would not be any disease on this Earth . So
I have started to help people to change those belief which are
not giving good fruits .If any of you want
to change your belief about disease or want to work with me
you can contact me . Because together we can improve the
current situation.