Change Your Perception and Increase Your Income

Everything on this Universe depends on your perception . You see this Earth is not moving but actually its moving . when you put a stick in a glass of water you see the stick is bent but actually the stick is not bent. So what you see in many cases are not correct. When you change your perception you will see many situations and many things are changed in your life.

Two man invested all their money in a business and lost everything. One man could not tolerate this loss got sick and remain poor with guilt and resentment. But the other man did not stop trying . He used his knowledge and experience gained from the previous business and earned some money and again started business and then he become wealthy. You see the two man’s perception about the same situation was different.

A man was very poor but suddenly he met with a bank manager and he come to know that his father has kept lots of money for him in different account. He used to think he is poor but that was appearance . Similar way many of you may think that you are poor but when you change your perception when you change your beliefs and programming in your mind, you will understand that God , your Heavenly Father has kept lots of wealth for you in the bank of this Universe.

Many of you think you are poor but believe me nobody is poor. once you change your perception and increase your level of awareness and consciousness you will see that you are not poor and from that moment you will start getting wealth.

Many of you see there are many diseases on this Earth but actually all these diseases are created in our environment because majority of people thought disease in their mind first. Once we change our perception once majority of people remove disease from their mind then this Earth will become free from all diseases then everybody can live without any sicknesses.

When this earth will become free from all diseases and poverty ( poverty is also one kind of sickness in your mind ) then you will feel this Earth has become Heaven. You will feel this Earth is very beautiful place to live in. My mission is to make this Earth a beautiful place to live in and I know it is possible.