Bug Fixing in Human Brain – sample reading

Here Bug means fault, mistake, problem, wrong belief, bad habit, wrong attitude. Debug means to remove the Bug.

I have written this book to help people to solve their problems and to have better life.

I have been Debugging in Computer since 1999. Now it’s time to Debug in our own Brain. I have already started Debugging my own Brain and Getting good results. Now it’s your turn.

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You may think why should I read this book ? I am ok with my life. Believe me if you fix all the bugs in your brain then you will have better life, you will have complete freedom on this Earth, you will have more peace and happiness , you will have more energy , more wealth, perfect health, better relationship with everybody, you will enjoy every moment of life, you will be more prepared for any future situation. 

This book will also tell you why USA and Europe have developed more than India.

We all knew at our student life that to get good results in exams we need to study well but still many of us didn’t study well and when your parents would ask “Why you didn’t study ?” You would reply, “I don’t know.”
“What do you mean you don’t know? You know better.”
“I know.”
“Why you didn’t study ?”
“I don’t know.” From this example we understand that because we know how to do it better we should do it. But it does not happen . We want to do many things but finally we don’t take any action although we know how to do that. It’s because although we gather knowledge and information how to do that but our doing part is controlled by our programming in our brain which controls our habitual behaviour. Because of wrong programming in our brain in many cases although we know how to do it better , but we don’t do it. That wrong programming is actually referred here as Bug in Human Brain which is the reason of all our bad habits, reason of our not doing the good thing or right thing .

Actually everybody writes programming in their brain themselves . For example if you want to learn to drive car you practice it many days then you will see your are doing all activity of driving automatically . When you practice you are actually writing Programming in your brain. After practicing driving few days it becomes habit . That habit is programming. Habit is fixed in your brain . That’s why it is difficult to change. So all habits are actually programming or coding got fixed in human brain. After it become a habit whenever you think related things, the programming gets executed in your brain so you can do it automatically.

It’s good for good habit. But same process are applied for bad habit also. Sometime you want to change the Bad habit but you see it’s so difficult to change that habit because the programming for that habit is fixed in your Brain . Now if there is any error or wrong code in computer we call it Bug and the process by which we try to see the error or wrong code is called Debugging and When we are able to get the wrong code then we change It . Then it works properly . This whole process of debugging and correcting the wrong code is called Bug fixing.

Actually all the bad habits are due to the wrong programming in human brain . So it’s a Bug in human brain and mind. If you don’t correct that wrong code in your brain you will do it repeatedly although you don’t want to do it. So you need to do Bug Fixing then only you can change your Bad habit.

How is any Bug written in your Brain : 

Now we need to know how those Bugs were written in your Brain and mind. There are many ways :

1 ) One reason is you did that activity repeatedly intentionally or unintentionally and then the Bug was Written in your brain .

2 ) Some Bug you get from your parents and their Ancestor by heredity through chromosome or DNA .

3 ) When we are infant or very child we don’t have the reasoning ability so whatever beliefs  your parents and people around you hold, enters into your deeper Mind and gets written in your brain. Whatever people around you says or thinks or feels also get written in your Brain.  Among those beliefs the wrong beliefs are written in your brain as Bug. 

4 ) When you are young or adult you have reasoning power. So if any idea or thought or belief you get from others around you , you have the ability to accept it as true or reject it as false. But due to ignorance or some other reason if you accept any wrong belief as true then it gets written in your brain as Bug.

5 ) when you read newspaper or watch TV or movie even if you know some ideas are not correct but as you hear or see it repeatedly it gets written in your brain as Bug without your approval .

6 ) Some Bugs are written because of your bad experience happened in the past. For example in past you asked some question to one person and that person got angry and insulted you or punished you so a fear was written as Bug and for that Bug you never get courage to ask any question to anybody.

7 ) If you stay or speak with a person for long time who has some Bug in his brain there is a high chance that Bug would be written in your brain without your knowledge as human brain is sending and receiving station like radio station. That’s why our parents used to say don’t stay with bad friend because if you do there is a high chance you will also become bad because of the Bug in their brain. Although it is true to some extent, for some people they get thought of others from the Ether even if they are at home. So by that way also sometime Bug is written in your brain . Sometime you may understand it or some are unable to understand it.

8 ) If you have one Bug in your brain for long time and if you don’t fix it then it may create another consequent Bug in your brain which is the result of the previous Bug.

Although most of the bugs are written in our brain by other person we can’t blame them because we have power to fix them. So it is our responsibility to fix our Bug to get better life.

If you know any other way other than the above mentioned eight ways by which Bugs are ( or can be ) written in our Brain then please share your idea with us. You will be paid for sharing your idea with us.

Disadvantage of having Bug in brain :

The reasons for all problems on this Earth can be summarised to one formula which is “All problems on this Earth are due to the Bugs in Human Brain” .

Energy flows to and through you. But if you have Bug in your brain energy can not flow freely so the flow gets hampered so you feel that you have limited energy. For example when water flows through a pipe and if there is any loop in some place or some blockage in the pipe then water can’t flow freely and you see less water coming out from pipe outlet but if you Fix that then you see more water flow. 

If there is any Bug in your brain then it has a great impact on your ability to earn money, perception, logic, use of time, productivity, creativity and effectiveness.

If there is Bug in your brain named “You can earn only 50000 Rs. per month” then how hard you may work , you will not be able to earn more than 50000 Rs. First you need to fix your Bug then you can earn more.

One mother had a bad experience for her husband so she always used to tell her daughter you can not trust any man. So one Bug named “You can not trust men” was written in her daughters brain. So after that her daughter never was able to trust any man. So here her daughters perception is controlled by the Bug.

Because of Bug you will not be able to judge people properly.

You may get opportunity but because of your Bug in your brain you will not be able to understand it. So you may loose the opportunity.

Because of Bug you may not be able to take right decision.

Some bugs are affecting your day to day life but you may not even understand it.

If you have Bug in your brain it may create same or other types of bugs in your children’s brain and your children may not perform as you expect.

Blind faith, Superstition are the result of Bug in Human brain.

Chapters included in this book :

1 ) How is any Bug written in your Brain : 

2 ) How will you know that there is Bug in your brain : 

3 ) Disadvantage of having Bug in brain :

4 ) How to fix the Bug in your brain : 

5 ) Change Your Perception and Increase Your Income

6 ) LEarning Increases Earnings

7 ) Parable of Opportunities ( God helps those who help themselves ) :

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